Introduction to PIWI Talk

Welcome to the PIWI Talk forum. This is an open forum where everyone can share their experience with PIWI grapes, whether growing them, making wine with them or even breeding new varieties. The goal of the forum is to share information so others can benefit from the experience of others.
As PIWI grapes get planted in more countries, the number of languages that members speak grows as well, so one key feature of this forum is that it includes a translation service. Post in your native language, and if you see a post that isn’t your native tongue, simply click the globe icon below the post, and it will provide a translation to the language you selected on the forum during sign-up.
PIWI Talk is an open forum, so anyone can join; however, members of PIWI International have added benefits, like the translation service, where general community users do not have access to that.
If you have questions or comments, please post them below or as a new topic in the forum. Community participation makes a forum work, so don’t be shy. Share your experience and ask questions.